Do you feel nervous when you thought about flying in the air? Do your palms get sweat? I can understand you as I also feel the same when I thought of flying in the air. Then, what to do now? Well, I have figured out the ways to combat the nervousness. Check those tips which will surely help you in your next trip:

1) Keep yourself busy:

Only free mind can pay attention to nervousness! If you will be busy then there will be no time for you to think about all these things. So the foremost thing you can do is to keep yourself busy. You can read books, fill crossword, and play mobile games or anything which you find interesting. Keep yourself busy and occupied in some activities, these will not let you feel jetlag and nervous.

2) Own headphones and music:

No doubt soothing music can be a solution to 100 problems! If you don’t like reading then you can avoid your motion sickness by playing some good quality and your favorite songs. Sometimes you might get noise-cancellation headphone in the airplane but there is no harm in carrying your own.

3) Meditation and medication:

Meditation is a solution to many problems and one of them is nervousness. During the flight, whenever you feel nervous, you can try this beautiful art of yoga in an airplane. This will surely avoid your anxiety. And also if you feel that medicines can help to avoid nervous while flying then take medication only on doctor’s prescription. The most important fact is you should know how your body reacts to these medicines (medicines like anti-anxiety medication valium or Klonopin)

4) Avoid alcohol and caffeine:

There is a myth that alcohol will make you feel comfortable and solve your all problems but actually, it’s not like that. Instead, alcohol will increase your heart rate whenever you will be nervous and directly increase your nervousness too. Same is the case with caffeine; it will increase your nervousness and sweating in the palm. So, you should be particular about your food and drinks.

5) Engage yourself in talking:

Talking to your fellow passenger or cabin crew will make stable and stress-free. So, try to engage yourself in talking or look around on other passenger and see what they are doing. You can even play with small children to keep yourself busy.

6) Fly often:

Great saying: “if you want to get rid of fear, then you have to face it again and again”. Yes! Your First flight can be difficult but when you fly often you will be used to it. So, if you want to be comfortable throughout the flight then try to fly often.

7) Turbulence:

Generally, a nervous flyer cannot handle them in turbulence. To get rid of this fear first understands what turbulence is? It not dangerous at all and in fact it is the same as driving over bumpy roads while being in the car. The pilots are genuinely well-versed in handling situations like this. So instead of being panic you just have to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.