You are off the plane and have set yourself all, for the amazing vacations, happy to see different people around you, ready to find out the places you had been searching from the past few months, imaging the delicious food. Looks perfect. Waiting at the luggage carousel for your bags…seeing people take their luggage and moving to exit. Suddenly something happened, bags from the flight stop coming. And your realization hit your brain: where are my bags, LOST!

Panic! Thinking of what to do? Where to go?

One of the biggest nightmares, if at a strange place your luggage goes missing. Right! What to do without your stuff, how to find it out, where to go, how will you spend your entire trip if suppose you won’t be able to find out your luggage. Don’t worry take a deep breath, stay calm and come along us!

If you will come across, the worst situation likes this ever then what? When? How? And where you can find it, we will let you know!

Find the baggage claim office:

Go to the claim office and file the report of your lost luggage. As certain airlines require that report within a certain number of hours. That report is for two important things

1) This will make the airlines aware of the fact that you have lost your bag and they need to locate it.

2) And a form, if necessary, to receive the reimbursement for the item you need to buy.

Take the copy of that report and the number of the person who helped you for follow-ups. And don’t forget to ask the delivery charges from the airport to your place.

Keep checking overcall:

Don’t wait for their calls; take the lead and keep calling them for follow-ups. Get the reimbursement for your lost luggage as you had already paid for its safe arrival.  And you can also claim for the reimbursement for your lost bag from your credit card company, only if you had used that card while booking the flight.

Click a picture of your bag:

It is advisable to click the photo of your luggage so that you can show that at the baggage claim office and also take the picture of packed stuff inside the bag. Make their work easy and save your time as well.

Pack all essentials in carrying bag:

Try to stuff your bag with all the important things which will prove to be useful for you till the time you won’t relocate your bag. Some of them like woolens (if you are going in winter season), small comb, bathing suit, socks, toothbrush and other things according to your requirements.

Out of box tips:

  • Never leave any sticker of previous flight on your bag, as that sticker contains the routing information, so your bag can go to some other place.
  • Most of the bags look alike; hence there is more possibility that someone else can take your bag instead of his own. So to avoid the missing situation, you can put some sort of sticker or any identification mark on the bag. So that you can easily recognize it.

These were some small tips for your safe baggage delivery. Hope you will never be in this situation ever but IF happens, hope this will help you.

Have a safe journey!