Long-haul is really not so easy. Further, you cannot avoid airplane travel because it is a necessity nowadays. It can make you tired and annoyed if you can’t sit or sleep properly on the flight. What should you do in that situation? Don’t worry here we are with the best ways to sit on the flight seat and make your journey comfortable.

To make your flight more tolerable you can do plenty of things:

  1. Correct your posture: Don’t sit in a crazy way if you are on your seat. If you sit in the right posture, you will sit relaxed otherwise you are going to feel the pain in your body after sitting for a while in the plane. You can move and stretch your arms & legs after a regular interval of time which results in proper blood flow in the body parts.
  2. Pick the Window seat: If sleeping on an airplane is a conundrum for you then try to pick the window seat. Ask the airline for the window seat while you book your seat. Now, you can pass your journey with enjoyable moments. Appreciate the charming views of clouds from the window and click some photographs. Such activities will keep you active in the whole journey.
  3. Dress Casual and comfortable: No need to dress tight jeans or shirt which irritates you while sitting. You can come in a simple dress so that you can sit comfortably on your long journey. Put loose joggers and t-shirt to keep you well-suited as well as pleasant.
  4. Uncross your legs while sitting: When you have to sit for a long interval then keep your legs uncrossed. Crossed legs restrict the blood flow it can lead to blood cloth. So if you can avoid sitting with crossed legs then it is good for you.
  5. Support your Back: Sitting for a long time may cause back pain to most of the people even if you are sitting in the right portion. What can you do in that situation? Put a towel or something else as a support to your back. Put the pillow in a way that you can comfort your spine curve in a natural way that your seat is unable to support.
  6. Keep Travel kit with yourself in cabin baggage: You must keep a travel kit with all basic essentials inside it. It is allowed in cabin baggage so you can put necessary things inside it which you may need during the journey. It may include hand moisturize, hand-sanitizer, cream, face wash, etc.
  7. Stay entertained: In the flight keep yourself entertained to avoid boredom. Pick the flight which offers great entertainment options. For example, Emirates Airline has award-winning entertainment options so you can opt for that. You can find the offers on flight tickets of Emirates and get a ticket at affordable rates.
  8. In case of Turbulence Hit: If you are one of them who have fear of turbulence then you must book the seats that are less affected by the turbulence. The seats which are just over the craft wing are less shaken by the turbulence. So, ask for those seats by discussing your concern with the flight staff before flying. Also, you can take something with yourself to keep you entertained.
  9. Stay Hydrated: In the flight, people may get annoyed or feel the headache so keep you hydrated to avoid health issue. If you do not drink water in the flight after regular interval of time; dehydration can make you feel uncomfortable. It will be better to keep a water bottle with yourself on board.
  10. Plan to Sleep: If you are going to fly on a red-eye flight or in case you want to sleep in the flight then bring the essentials with you. Take a sleeping travel pillow with yourself so that you can sleep comfortably. Otherwise, if you ask the airline they may charge you for in-flight pillow and blanket. Try to sleep in a comfortable position.
  11. Put the lights off: If you are trying to sleep then you must make sure that you do not waste your time in holding your cellphone and just scrolling the screen. Power off your tv screen as seatback screens and other lightning can restrict you from sleeping.

Hope these small things will help you in your next journey.