Jameson Will Pay You $50

Jameson Will Pay You $50 to Take Off Work St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson Irish Whiskey is planning to pay 1,000 people to take the entire day off.

As the company noted, it’s on a mission to ensure people take at least one day off this year. After all, according to a recent survey by IPX, more than half of Americans say they have not used their vacation days since the pandemic began.

To help remedy this vacation crisis, Jameson is dedicating the month leading up to Saint Patrick’s Day to getting people to take SPTO (Saint Patrick’s Time Off). The company will even give $50 to 1,000 people to cover the cost of their St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Beyond paying for time off, the brand will also provide fans plenty of ways they can celebrate safely at home this year, including a virtual global concert, a “Hometainment” kit to create an at-home bar experience, and cocktail recipes galore.

Working from home with a Jameson

Retta Sirleaf (Parks and Rec) and Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) are also joining in on the efforts to serve up the best Saint Patrick’s Day ever by lending their comedic talents in an “SPTO” PSA, which encourages fans to take take the pledge and enjoy their much-needed time off.

“If you’re like me — a person — then you’re probably working too hard and need a break,” Retta says in the PSA. “There’s too much work, no time for a break, or to celebrate with friends. And to top it off, we were robbed of one of my favorite holidays. But guess what, Saint Patrick’s Day is on for 2021.”

Beyond encouraging people to actually take a day to themselves, Retta filmed a cocktail recipe demo video to help people celebrate, too.

Jameson even created a few “out of the office” messages and Zoom backgrounds for people to use just in case they need to let others know they are vacationing that day.

Retta for Jameson St. Patrick's Day Time Off

Want to get in on that $50 giveaway and all the other fun? All those inspired by Retta and Joe’s motivational messages can pledge to take a #JamesonSPTO at the company’s Saint Patrick’s Day website, where they’ll receive a special Drizly code and enter to be among the 1,000 people to win $50.00 to use for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

To sweeten the deal, each winner will also see $50.00 in their name go to the Restaurant Worker’s Community Foundation (RWCF) to ensure the industry can get back on its feet so we can all celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at our favorite bars together in 2022.

Virgin Gorda beaches and lobsters

This is the second leg of a truly fun week. There are adventures to get each morning when we land somewhere else, but also fun time on the boat itself.


The Club Med 2 has an open bar. Yes, that means free flow of pretty good things…all day long. So being on a French boat, you have Ricard for aperitif at lunch time if you are on the boat at lunch time…and pina colada by the pool before sunset, and obviously wine during meals. We are in the North Hemisphere end of November, so sunsets are early at around 5.30pm each day…with some pretty cool views from the swimming pool bar on the back deck. By 6pm, it’s champagne time…all night long. Well, first it’s shower time and getting change for the evening obviously…this is still a French place! And as we all now that mixing different alcohol drinks is not a great idea, I found a fun group of people ready to go on the champagne all night long, each evening, for great and fun time! More in the next entries of this truly fun group of people.

Little warning, Club Med 2
Club Med 2Club Med 2
Club Med 2
is French, and it feels. Out of the 280 guests on the boat this week, I don’t think a single one doesn’t speak at least some French. It would be a pretty boring week if you can only speak English here…and as you may be aware…French people living in France suck when it comes to speak something else than French. You’ve been honestly warned!

So this morning, it’s BVI time. No I’m not coming for business here. And BVI doesn’t only stand for offshore companies…it does too stand for gorgeous beaches, yachts, and British Virgin Islands. We have sailed all night long from Dominica…Dominica is Commonwealth and poor….BVI is British Territory and pretty wealthy.

I spent my day with Thierry….same age as me, and ready to have some fun this week. Because at the end of the day we know you don’t find single ladies in their thirties on these cruises…we knew we would need to get organized to do something else than read our books! Didn’t do my homework about Virgin Gorda. I kew the diving was average, and that the cruise had a BBQ lunch of lobster organized for us on the
Lobster time…Lobster time…
Lobster time…
beach! So we took a “beacher” with the intention to simply go on the beach for the morning.


There was a shuttle to “a” beach rented for the morning by Club Med. We set next to the rasta driver…yeah man…and he dropped us on the way. That was off-plan, completely out of the blue! It was time for us to go explore the National Park of “The Baths”. This is some kind of a National Park…it is a series of beaches separated by granite rocks. I first felt in the Seychelles…before finding myself rather in some kind of adventure hike for teenagers ready to have some serious fun. Wow, that place is amazing!

We spent the all morning going from beach to beach and climbing those huge rocks…even getting lost on deserted beaches as wandering if we were only on the right trail. The water was beautiful and warm….the yachts were around, it was just plain full fun…simple!

We made our way back to the Club Med beach, just on time for the last shuttle. Good idea, as we had no idea where the BBQ was, and the ride back to
Little pina colada by the pool…Little pina colada by the pool…
Little pina colada by the pool…
the landing point of the cruise was quite a walk away. Lobster BBQ! That simply cannot be bad just by the way it sounds. It was another of these…free flow of rose wine…of salad, and yes, of lobster too! The sun was there, at the end of the lunch…our faces ended the same color as the lobsters on the grill….but one more time…fun it was!

Back on the boat before the crowds for a good nap and some swimming pool time. Not that 280 guests makes you feel crowded on such a huge sail boat…but queueing is simply really not our thing.

Another really fun night was awaiting us…and a short sail to the land of Uncle Sam…or pretty close to this actually, for another fun adventure…on which I will have to write pretty soon!

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